Public Housing Developments


3641 S State Street
Chicago, IL.

KLY Development was hired to renovate 3641 S State Street which includes Chicago Housing Authority's Section 3 Headquarters. The purpose of Section 3 is to make HUD-financed employment and economic opportunities available to low-income residents


JUdge Green Apartments
4030 S Lake Park Avenue
Chicago, IL.

KLY Development & Genesis Construction renovated 154 units at 4030 S Lake Park Avenue in Bronzeville. The Senior Housing facility, named Judge Green Apartments, was named after Judge W.E. Green who was called one of the most brilliant criminal lawyers in Chicago and the first black circuit court judge elected in Cook County. 

Kenneth Campbell Apartments
6340 S Minerva Avenue
Chicago, IL.

KLY Development & Genesis Construction was hired to renovate this 165 unit affordable housing center in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood in the South side of Chicago. 


Maudelle Brown Apartments
4949 S Cottage Grove Avenue
Chicago, IL. 

Richard Flowers Homes
Robbins, IL.

KLY Development renovated 60 townhomes under the Housing Authority of Cook County. The homes range from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom units.