The Woodlawn Organization realized that urban revitalization was an essential part of its overall purpose of enabling (TWO) indigenous Woodlawn community residents to build and exercise community responsibility over the social, economic, and political influences, which were affecting the quality of their lives.  

KLY Development is pleased to announce their participation in the program via the re-development of 660 units for CHA Senior Housing. The properties include:

  • 278 units at Judge Green Apartments located at 4039 South Lake Park Ave
  • 125 units at Ada S McKinley Apartments located at 661 East  69th Street
  • 92 units at Maudelle Brown Bousfield Apartments located at 4949 South Cottage Grove
  • 165 units at Kenneth Campbell Apartments located at 6360 South Minerva

Judge Green Apartments

Ada S. McKinley Apartments


Maudelle Brown Bousfield Apartments


Kenneth Campbell Apartments